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PG电子平台成立之初, its alumni have answered calls to assist in meeting the needs of expanding its physical plant, 招生, and to develop and maintain a quality education at their Alma Mater.


在20世纪40年代末,卢拉小姐J. Gambrell, 他是一名老教员, encouraged alumni to develop an alumni locator file to assist the College in keeping track of its growing alumni population. This information was used to help organize small groups of alumni in South Carolina and in various cities across the country, into what was later to become known as the 本笃书院校友会. 卢拉J. Gambrell It was during this period that Benedict’s alumni formally organized as a General 校友 Association. Dr. 荷瑞修年代. Hill served as its first president of record during the late 1940’s. Its primary mission was to make substantial gifts to the College and 招生. 为了迎接学院面临的挑战, the 校友 Association encouraged clubs and alumni to: Make a gift of $10 or more, have at least one public program or activity for the benefit of PG电子游戏官网 before Founder’s Day, have a Founder’s Day service and take an offering on a Sunday at a local church before the Founder’s Day Observance in March. Dr. D. J. 迪克森从1950年到1953年担任第二届总统.  During the 1950’s, students were organized with the assistance of Dr. Gambrell to form one of the first Pre 校友 Councils of the United Negro College Fund. 这个组织, 帮助塑造了协会未来的领导人, 是为了支持PG电子平台而成立的, 培养学生大使, 支持联合国基金会的努力. 在她退休之后, Miss Gambrell officially became the first Executive Secretary of the Association in 1955 and served until 1968. Dr. 1954年至1960年,迈尔斯·博根担任第三任总统. 第四任主席是奥巴马. 厄尔·鲁本,1960-62年任职. 20世纪60年代, the General 校友 Association embarked upon a new era — an era which gave the body the privilege of recommending a member for the College’s Trustee Board. Dr. 西里尔·奥蒂斯·斯潘, its fifth president accepted the challenge to get an alumnus on the board, 任职至1962年至1966年. With its growing number of alumni clubs, the Association continued on its mission to get:
  • Each alumnus to make a gift ranging from $50 to $25 to $15.
  • Each PG电子游戏官网 Club to hold a Founder’s Day service in a local church.
  • Each PG电子游戏官网 Club to hold at least one public program or activity.
  • 校友 and friends to remember PG电子游戏官网 through wills and legacies.
  • 校友 and friends to give moral and personal support to the College.
Mr. Thomas Jenkins served as the Association’s sixth president from 1966-70, and Dr. 詹姆斯·N. 1968年至1970年,阿尔斯通担任执行秘书. The General 校友 Association adopted its first Constitution of record on May 9, 1970. 在李博士的领导下. 1970年至1972年的米尔顿·金普生和特朗普先生. 1972-74年的Curtis Way, the Association continued its upward development path and support of its rapidly growing Alma Mater. 20世纪70年代, the name of the Association was changed to the PG电子平台全国校友会 and its first Annual Convention was held under the leadership of Rev. 约翰·C. 威廉姆斯于1974年至1976年担任美国总统. It adopted its second constitution on February 5, 1977 under the leadership of Mr. 弗兰克·吉尔伯特,1976年至1978年任职. Mr. 塞缪尔·古德温(Samuel Goodwin)于1978年至1980年担任总统. The Executive Secretaries of the PG电子平台全国校友会 were 1996-Present 夫人. 艾达·布朗·贝尔顿,1976-1996,夫人. 芭芭拉·C. 摩尔,1974-1976. 杰克·琼斯,1972-1973,博士. 詹姆斯·阿尔斯通(1970-1972. 温斯顿·托马斯,1968-1970,博士. 詹姆斯·奥尔斯顿和1955-1968年,夫人. 卢拉J. Gambrell. The Association experienced its major growth in membership and reorganization during the 1980’s. Fall Meetings were held at various cities across the country instead of being hosted on the campus. The rationale was this provided the opportunity to increase the participation of alumni in the affairs of the Association. 在此期间,校友捐赠达到了10万美元的水平. 这些努力背后的领导包括博士. 贾斯帕·萨尔蒙德(1980-82. 温伯利博士(1982-84). 托尼·Minus (1984-86). Frances Wimberly(1986-88)和Dr. 艾伯特·里德(1988-90). Ms. Wimberly was elected the first female president and the only individual to be reelected for a second term. The 1990’s challenged the Association to increase its financial gifts and support to the College. 在此期间, 校友礼物通过了250美元,000年的水平, 校友俱乐部超过60个, and the Association organized committees and clubs into a more structured effort to 招生 for the College. 在此期间的领导包括. 路易斯·吉布森(1990-92. 罗伯特·斯奎维尔(1992-94)和夫人. 珍珠B. 考克斯(1994 - 96). 夫人. Ruby Bellinger Sanders served as president from 1996-98, and Mr. 本杰明·夸尔斯(Benjamin Qualls)于1998年至2000年担任总统.  在此期间 the association experienced its greatest increase in life members from 2 to 79.  Mr. Emory Waters从2000年到2002年担任总裁. 埃塞尔·亨德森·泰勒(Ethel Henderson Taylor)于2002年至2004年任职. 吉米·杜兰特(Jimmy DuRante)于2004年至2006年任职.  Sheryl Good was installed as the 25th National President in October 2006. The PG电子平台全国校友会 has grown because of the dedicated and loyal support of many Benedictines who have served as leaders.